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Art Piece Friday | Kaws & His Creations | Dolls/Sneakers/paintings

Welcome to Art Piece Friday…..

This week Art Piece Friday is all about Kaws and his incredible creative creations. Kaws who real name is Brian Donnelly is a dope creative designer that has had major influence in the art world. Kaws who began in graffiti, you can still see how much he’s put that influence into his designs which I feel is dope, gives you that riding on a train and being a kid type nostalgia.

Now the thing that really impresses me is the collabs he has done, recently with the Jordan Brand. Kaws re-created the Jordan 4’s with the Kaws imprint with the 2 x’s on the back of the sneaker that tops it off. Including his dolls and dope paintings this man is a triple threat. Kaws dolls is great piece’s to collect and have, if you happen to run into these dolls retail price is $200-$300 dollars but can be resold for higher prices. Kaws X Jordan collab retail price was $160.00 but by now the resale online is a million dollars lol. Kaws painting verys, but all in all this man items has been hot since the beginning. Now for a fun fact Kanye West a known forward thinker seen this before others having Kaws create his album cover for “808 & Heartbreaks”.  Kaws reside in NewYork.


See you guys next Friday, no Ice cube

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