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Art Piece Friday | Jasmine Jordan – Designer | Brand Jordan 11’s Heiress

Welcome to Art Piece Friday….

This art piece Friday is all about Jasmine Jordan, well welcome to the year of the woman, plenty of women out here making some power moves including mine so I’m proud for all first and far most. We should all know who Michael Jordan is and what his brand is all about. Now we have Jasmine Jordan his daughter which is the youngest of 4, and a Chicago native that’s following in her father footsteps and has designed her very own Air Jordan’s.

I think it’s about time for a female from the brand to create for the brand, and who could be better than his very own daughter. As a male I really like the shoe I think it speaks for woman that want that feminine design and style. I look forward to other design’s she will have for the brand in the future, why not keep it in the family. Jordan’s speak for them selves and now Jasmine has a great voice to add. These Jordan’s was dropped in December 16′- 17′ both are a cost of $220.00


See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

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