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Art Piece Friday | Jamie Salmon Hyper – Realistic Sculptures | Real Art

Art Piece Friday…….


This week APF is all about Jamie Salmon realistic sculptures, Mr. Salmon is a British born, self-taught contemporary sculptor, living and working in Vancouver, Canada. He specializes in hyper-realistic sculpture, both figurative and portrait, using materials such as silicone rubber, resin, hair and fabric.

Jamie says of his working process: “I want to make something that tells a story or moves people in some sort of way”

I think this type of art is super dope and realistic, I personally feel that art is starting to move out the space of just paint and into a bigger space of things that you can connect to because it looks like you, that way the art is received different.

Dope Job!

See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

Stay Positive!!





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