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Art Piece Friday |Corey Barksdale African American Art Works |ATLiens Art

Welcome to Art Piece Friday….

This week is all about Corey Barksdale art, Corey Barksdale art creations has serving art dealers and collectors in their search for a broad range of fine art paintings that are quite exclusive and striking. Corey from Atlanta born and raised have been pumped to create inspired by Jazz so their have been more the 30 paintings that celebrate the Jazz experience.

This art piece this week has the feeling that art should make you “feel” like you’re a part of the process and emotion that the painter is going through while painting such type art. Living in Atlanta he should have a grand of inspirations and many dope piece’s that’s coming, Corey also has a Art Gallery in the ATL so if you want the full experience of his passion I would start there, dope job brother!  

See you next Friday, no Ice Cube

Stay Positive!!!!!!

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