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Art Piece Friday | Black Infrared Air Jordan 6 | Michael Jordan & Tinker Hatfield Before Their Time (Video inside story)

Welcome to Art Piece Friday……

This week is all about Michael Jordan and the iconic Infrared Jordan 6’s, the sneakers worn by Michael Jordan for his first NBA championship with the Chicago Bulls versus Magic Johnson & the Los Angeles Lakers is one of the dopest sneakers ever created. Michael Jordan gave direct orders to have a clean toe, so Tinker Hatfield made sure the Air Jordan 6 had a reinforcement around the toe , making the 6’s the first basketball model to obtain this. MJ had problems putting on the past five models.

This original sneaker was dropped in 1991 that was way before it’s time due to style and colorway. Tinker designed two holes on the top of the tongue, and one loop on the back, calling it a spoiler. Micheal Jordan wanted the heel tab positioned so it did not hit his Achilles tendon, making the Jordan 6 the first shoe to have any sort of molded structure on the back. The last touch Tinker gave was incorporated the number “23” on the design of the shoe.

This sneaker has dropped a couple times since 1991 with some of the small features being different. Myself personally I never got to cop them growing up and other than the Jordan 4’s really wasn’t my favorite sneaker but now I have a change of heart as an adult with the nostalgia, I copped a pair. Everything that the vintage Jordan put on his feet, people want and for good reason because it’s not only dope but connected to winning which people love to do. These was recently dropped this past February at $200 a pair, these has been art piece to me since I was 9 and still is to this day they fire!

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