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Art Piece Friday | Banksy’s Shredded Million-Dollar Plot | Worth Even More Now

Welcome to Art Piece Friday……


This week is all about Bansky and the shredded artwork that’s worth millions. If you don’t know who Bansky is shame on you, but those that do know Bansky know that no one has ever seen this man to know what he actually looks like…other than his hands. The legendary artists’ famous stencil with the little girl and the balloon was auctioned a couple of days ago, and soon as it was sold to a lady that was the highest bidder with a stifling 1.4 million dollar price tag the art begin to shred.

Now who in the world would want a shredded piece of art? But the lady it was sold to was actually glad she was a part of history with this stunt by Bansky and took it as is. The anonymous Bansky took to social media where he shows when he installed the shredder maybe months ago.

Pure Genius if you ask me! Qoutes on social media by Bansky in response to the legendary act was “The urge to destroy is also a creative urge” – Picasso, I personally never seen an artist destroy their own work and still be considered a master piece and will be worth more now than before it was destroyed if that’s not art I don’t know what is, Classic move!

(Pics and video below)


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